🥳 Accelerator Update #4: The Home Stretch!

A super quick note to let you know that just yesterday I finished the Playwright case study recording, which is the last case study I plan on doing. Playwright, if you don't know, is a fascinating "end-to-end" testing tool that let's you script out DOM interactions so you know your site is behaving as it should.

I also finished up the Firebase case study, where we roll the entire project over to a Firebase back end.

And just now I pushed 4 more videos to the site which you can see right here. Things are happening!

Things Going Wrong...

If you've been watching, you know I've been struggling with a few things RE Vuetify, and things go upside down again on me - to the point where I had to back up and revert things, moving to Supabase.

I explain it all in the walkthrough - but it made a tremendous difference as I was able to push past the issues I was having and focus on delivering.

Speaking of, today I'm focused on editing and rolling things out as fast as I can. I'm on vacation for the next 2 weeks so I'll be focused on this every single day and I'm still committed to a mid-August launch date!

Everything I've planned on recording is done. I just need to edit it, and I have another 7 episodes and both of the case studies to get through before it's complete. I'll let you know if anything slows me down.

Once again: thank you so much for supporting me through this! I'm having a blast and I hope it's valuable for you.



🥷🏽 Notes From an Imposter Programmer

I taught myself to code in 1998 and within 7 years had a client list that included Google, Microsoft, Starbucks, Ameritech, KLA-Tencor, PayPal, and Visa. In 2014 I decided that I really needed to understand core Computer Science concepts, so I dove in, using the free resources from MIT and Stanford. In 2016 I shared what I learned with The Imposter's Handbook.

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You would think that after years of development, the act of shipping something would be nothing but joy and relief. In the moment, however, "pushing send" is terrifying and feels like running naked into traffic. That's what I'm feeling right now because today is the day! After two years of planning, research, writing, and editing - it’s ready to go: The Imposter’s Roadmap, essential practices, tools, and skills for self-taught programmers. If you click that link, I've thrown in a 20% discount...

Most people aren't aware of the power of constraints in a database. They're there to enforce data rules, and you're probably familiar with a few of them, including: The null constraint, which won't allow null values. The unique constraint, which ensures a record is always unique. The primary key constraint, which I don't need to explain. Assuming you've used these before, let me ask you a question: is this business logic? I think it's fair to say that some logic is being used here in the form...

The subject of this email is a quote from Steve Martin, one of my favorite people. I grew up in the 70s, listening to Wild and Crazy Guy religiously. I could quote just about every joke from that album, and I was only 12, which caused problems for my parents. One of my favorite jokes was about meeting a lady and falling for her cat... I won't repeat it here but I didn't stop laughing for hours. Here's a link, but volume down and be wary of little ears. Anyway, I just finished watching the...