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🥳 Accelerator Update #4: The Home Stretch!

Published 8 months ago • 1 min read

A super quick note to let you know that just yesterday I finished the Playwright case study recording, which is the last case study I plan on doing. Playwright, if you don't know, is a fascinating "end-to-end" testing tool that let's you script out DOM interactions so you know your site is behaving as it should.

I also finished up the Firebase case study, where we roll the entire project over to a Firebase back end.

And just now I pushed 4 more videos to the site which you can see right here. Things are happening!

Things Going Wrong...

If you've been watching, you know I've been struggling with a few things RE Vuetify, and things go upside down again on me - to the point where I had to back up and revert things, moving to Supabase.

I explain it all in the walkthrough - but it made a tremendous difference as I was able to push past the issues I was having and focus on delivering.

Speaking of, today I'm focused on editing and rolling things out as fast as I can. I'm on vacation for the next 2 weeks so I'll be focused on this every single day and I'm still committed to a mid-August launch date!

Everything I've planned on recording is done. I just need to edit it, and I have another 7 episodes and both of the case studies to get through before it's complete. I'll let you know if anything slows me down.

Once again: thank you so much for supporting me through this! I'm having a blast and I hope it's valuable for you.



🥷🏽 Notes From an Imposter Programmer

Hi! I'm Rob Conery and I help self-taught programmers like me overcome doubt and build their career. Join me and over 15,000 other programmers who are learning new things, every day.

I taught myself to code in 1998 and within 7 years had a client list that included Google, Microsoft, Starbucks, Ameritech, KLA-Tencor, PayPal, and Visa. In 2014 I decided that I really needed to understand core Computer Science concepts, so I dove in, using the free resources from MIT and Stanford. In 2016 I shared what I learned with The Imposter's Handbook.

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